RMHG offers specialized knowledge in:

  • HIPAA Security for Digital Health
  • HIPAA Security for Mobile Applications
  • HIPAA Security for Web Applications
  • HIPAA Security for Cloud Environments
  • HIPAA Security for Health Software and Systems
  • HIPAA Security for Medical Devices

RMHG's flexible approach provides reviews focusing specifically on HIPAA software requirements and HIPAA web application controls, in addition to corporate business process reviews, working with your startup to understand the appropriate timing of HIPAA Security compliance activity and risk management based on your startup's stage.

RMHG's tool kit includes recommendations for cost-effective, open source solutions and HIPAA compliant software architecture, in addition to deep knowledge of scalable web application frameworks and HIPAA controls for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, microservices, serverless components, and more.

RMHG possesses vast experience supporting and improving HIPAA Security compliance for startups, understanding and ensuring that recommendations are stage appropriate. From concept, to design, to development, to proof of concept, to launch... all the way through growth to a burgeoning, revenue generating business, RMHG can join your startup's journey and help remove HIPAA Security compliance barriers for entry into the Healthcare market.

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Introductory Call and Free Consultation with Scoping Discussion



Scope and Deliver No-Obligation Project Proposal with Price


Analyze + Advise

Request and Analyze Client Policies and Environment, Issue Recommendations, Review Collaboratively, and Provide Workplan



Provide Updated HIPAA Policies and Procedures, Gap Remediation Workshop, Guidance, and Support

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