RMHG offers specialized knowledge in:

  • HIPAA Security for Hospitals
  • HIPAA Security for Pharmacies
  • HIPAA Security for Laboratories
  • HIPAA Security for Doctor's Offices
  • HIPAA Security for Dentists and Orthodontists
  • HIPAA Security for Group Health Plans
  • HIPAA Security for Health Insurance Providers
  • HIPAA Security for Small Health Providers
  • HIPAA Security for Health Technology Companies

The HIPAA Security Rule requires periodic evaluations of HIPAA Security programs and postures at health care organizations and health care business associates covered by HIPAA.

RMHG offers HIPAA Security Assessments performed by expert HIPAA consultants that are seasoned from hands on HIPAA duties. Our HIPAA Security consultants avoid "textbook" recommendations that don't make sense from a technology or workflow perspective, and we understand that recommendations made by HIPAA firms and HIPAA experts that are not feasible from a budgetary perspective don't provide value.

Our HIPAA assessors possess hands-on experience managing information security programs in complex health care environments to ensure that our HIPAA Security safeguard recommendations are reasonable and appropriate amid limited resources and competing priorities.

When our HIPAA Security auditors complete their analysis and provide recommendations, RMHG delivers a prioritized HIPAA workplan that is also consumable and importable into most ticketing systems and GRC tools. RMHG also offers quick, efficient, and easy HIPAA Security Gap Remediation workshops, HIPAA support, and HIPAA policy and procedure development to help implement your HIPAA workplan.

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Introductory Call and Free Consultation with Scoping Discussion



Scope and Deliver No-Obligation Project Proposal with Price


Analyze + Advise

Request and Analyze Client Policies and Environment, Issue Recommendations, Review Collaboratively, and Provide Workplan



Provide Updated HIPAA Policies and Procedures, Gap Remediation Workshop, Guidance, and Support

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