RMHG offers GDPR experts that can provide GDPR gap assessments, complete with recommendations and hands-on guidance for documenting and implementing GDPR compliance and GDPR policies and controls for the collection and processing of European Union Data Subjects personal data.

Our GDPR consultants provide expert guidance on GDPR requirements that balance GDPR regulation requirements with your business needs and resources

Our GDPR assessors perform GDPR assessments and GDPR services that include:

  • GDPR Compliance Gap Audits
  • GDPR Gap Remediation Support
  • GDPR Policies and Procedures Development
  • GDPR Risk Analysis
  • GDPR Personal Data Mapping and Inventory
  • GDPR Data Protection Officer Advisory Services
  • GDPR Security Incident and Data Breach Response Planning
  • GDPR Training

Once our GDPR consultants complete their analysis and recommendations, we provide GDPR Gap Remediation workshops and support to help document GDPR policies and procedures rapidly increase your GDPR compliance.

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