Whether your organization has received HIPAA Privacy or HIPAA Security Gap recommendations from RMHG or other sources, we can help you address your HIPAA compliance gaps with HIPAA support. RMHG offers HIPAA gap remediation assistance with HIPAA guidance tailored for your specific technical environment, with a focus on accommodating clinical and business processes and workflow, along with sensitivity to potentially limited resources.

RMHG utilizes efficient and quick HIPAA gap remediation workshops to collaboratively tailor HIPAA policies and procedures for your organization's environment. We do the heavy lifting with efficient HIPAA support processes and HIPAA guidance to address your HIPAA compliance gaps, assisting with deep technical recommendations. We strive to provide HIPAA help and HIPAA support in a way that's understandable and makes sense to our clients.

Our Step by Step HIPAA Gap Remediation Process:

  1. Review HIPAA Gap recommendations provided by RMHG HIPAA Gap Analysis projects or as provided by other source
  2. Create and review HIPAA Gap Workplan
  3. Collaboratively review and deliver updated HIPAA Policies and Procedures
  4. Provide in-depth discussion and technical guidance for implementing and updating HIPAA processes and safeguards from HIPAA Gap Workplan

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