The HIPAA Security Rule requires a formal disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan, and while many organizations have implemented data backup and recovery processes, some have not created a complete and formally documented disaster recovery and business continuity plan that complies with the HIPAA Security Rule.

RMHG's HIPAA disaster recovery plan consultants provide expert guidance and hands-on assistance to formally document your IT data backup and recovery policies, as well as providing recommendations for organizational technology and business continuity and reconstitution processes. Our HIPAA disaster recovery and HIPAA business continuity experts assess your current IT disaster recovery and IT business continuity capabilities and documentation, with recommendations to address gaps and shore up required documentation. RMHG also provides disaster recovery and business continuity table-top testing exercises, leading your IT team through realistic disaster recovery scenarios while documenting areas for improvement and providing updates to your IT disaster recovery plan.

In the midst of the pressure of a disaster that interrupts IT, healthcare, and business processes, a formally documented and thorough disaster recovery and business continuity plan could mean the difference between a quick recovery or a devastating scenario negatively impacting patient care, business processes, costs, and revenue. RMHG's disaster recovery consultants and business continuity experts are ready to help.

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